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The Role of Solar Energy In Green Buildings

The Role of Solar Energy In Green Buildings

Shrimay is so glad that we are delivering the perfect building to everyone, the building that teaches us humanity, carefulness towards our mother nature. Ratnam Gardenbay is the perfect example of a green building. Here is why we use solar panels for Ratnam GARDENBAY?

The area of the solar building in India increasing dramatically after the national economy which maintains a sustainable rapid and healthy development if we seize the opportunity to promote building Energy Efficiency the Solar building has good prospects and a brilliant future which can help our country to realize the national development of the second step and the third step in strategic target and guide our country construction and architectural Technology along with the world.

Solar energy is a freely available, clean, renewable energy source. The per capita energy consumption is going at an alarmingly high rate. The price of energy is also seeing new high figures. Once installed solar panels at subject to severe condition over the course of their 25+ years of life. Buildings are now constructed keeping energy efficiency in mind. The aim is to minimize energy consumption and use alternative solar energy which has multiple benefits.

There are four aspects of energy efficiency in a building where technology can play a key role. Which are:

  • Before the actual construction – zero energy passive building design.
  • During the Construction – the usage of low energy building materials.
  • Energy-efficient equipment – to make operational energy requirements low.
  • Integration with other applications – lastly integration of renewable energy technologies for various applications.

The seven advantages of using Solar Power in Buildings are:

  • Limitless Resource: Solar energy is renewable energy that never ends its supply.
  • Low environmental impact: Depending on the scale of the system installed – from distributed rooftop PV arrays to large utilities – solar technologies can produce lower environmental pollution.
  • Energy Independence: It makes Building’s energy independent and puts less pressure on natural sources of energy.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used in various ways and for multiple applications.
  • The ability for Additions: You can expand your PV systems effortlessly as they are modular.
  • Portable: Can be transported easily.
  • Post-Installation is Zero: Once the infrastructure has been installed no cost will be there.

Ways Solar Powered Buildings are efficient:

Solar Powered Buildings improve the Heating & Cooling System’s efficiency by 30 percent by proper installation of a new HVAC system. The operating cost of a highly efficient solar water heater can be reduced by 90% in Solar Powered Energy Efficient Buildings.

When you use Low-Emissivity (Low-e) Window Glazing, it helps in reducing the space cooling need by approximately 40 percent. A light-color roof reduces a roof’s temperature as it absorbs less than 50 percent of the solar energy.

When Energy Efficient Lights and Energy Efficient Appliances are used, a Solar Building can reduce energy use by 20-30%. With the continued emergence of construction technology innovations, it is becoming easier to achieve greater energy efficiency in buildings.


Solar Powered Buildings are quite efficient in preserving energy in various ways. For example, Ratnam GARDENBAY is providing solar power for common electrification, and thus reducing the common maintenance cost by a considerable amount. By using the latest Solar Energy Technologies buildings can save around 30-40% on their energy use. You can also become a net-zero Energy Building owner when you create more energy than you utilize.

So, become the part of this beautiful step taken towards saving Earth with Ratnam GardenBay.