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Mistakes to Avoid If You Are a First Time Property Buyer

Mistakes to Avoid If You Are a First Time Property Buyer

Buying a property is a matter of various tips, guidelines, and proper market research, without which you cannot make the right choice. Many times property buyers have found to have involved themselves in wrong deals. This is purely because of less experience and industry knowledge. Especially, first-time buyers face lots of problems and make mistakes too often.

Here is the list of some common points which a first-time property buyer must be extra careful about.

Problematic Loan

Generally, first-time buyers neglect the importance of understanding loan products and educate themselves accordingly. This creates a big problem if buyers aren’t much aware of the complexities of loans and banking policies, and they might end up in making the wrong decision and getting the costlier loan. Depending upon your repayment capacity, annual income and credit score you can apply for the right type of home loan or mortgage loan. You do not want to get involved in a risky loan amount. So always make a wise choice while you find a property to buy.


Never cross your budget limit. Always buy a property that is within your budget limit and will not become a burden to you. After all, getting a new property is a difficult decision and requires a good amount of money. So spend on the right type of property without splurging. Mostly buyers cannot decide on their requirement and buy a property that is expensive and complicates the financial goals.


Without property inspection, you cannot understand and find the hidden issues and defects of any premises. Especially if it is a resale flat, building or even a shop/showroom/office, property inspection is a must. There could be problems in the wiring, plumbing, and roof or even in the entire structure. Only a professional property inspector can tell you the cons of the property you plan to buy. Hiring a property inspector might be worth the fees if they end up saving you from a big trouble in the long run.

Get a Realtor

It is a difficult thing to find a good house deal for a new buyer. The best solution would be to hire a reputed realtor and find your dream place. From resale houses to brand new, realtors can get you all the types of information. Most importantly, you can clear your doubts, ask question and can negotiate deals. A buyer’s agent can help them to find a suitable location, appropriate house and at an affordable price. They are also experienced and can assist you with all the paperwork and documentations.

Stick to a Brand Name

When it comes to Real Estate it is always a safer bet to stick to a developer that you’ve heard of before and seen before. This ensures that you would not be sold sub-standard quality of the property. An excellent example of this would be Shrimay Group whose roots have grown for over 32 years. They have peak expertise after having completed over 30 successful projects during the course of their run, having been home to over 3050 families and being brick-and-mortar for many businesses. A new entrant might have a property on offer for lower prices, but there would be some corners that must have been cut in order to bring down the development costs and to extend the benefits to you. However, it is always wiser to not compromise on quality just to save a few bucks.

Buying a property is a lifetime’s work. No one wants to make a mistake there. Next time you plan to buy a property, these tips will guide you.