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Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

Green Building is designed to eliminate negative impact & generating a positive impact on our health & our environment. Improving the standard of living, the green building preserves precious natural resources like an efficient use of energy, water, etc.  Implement solar energy, wind energy, or biogas, use non-toxic building elements, use eco-friendly materials as much as possible, and integrate the best building elements considering the changing environment.

Talking about one of the important aspects & essential elements in green building is water harvesting.

“A residential community, Ratnam GARDENBAY – 4BHK Luxurious Flat & 5BHK Penthouse Apartment, has designed infrastructure to capture the rainwater from a roof and non-roof areas. It has proper recharge wells on-site to preserve total roof and non-roof run-off volume.” Where excess water is diverted further to the recharge system and further for secondary purposes such as gardening, washing, etc. The main advantage of collecting and using rainwater during the rainy season is not only to save water from conventional resources but also helps to save energy incurred on transportation and distribution of water at the doorstep.

It is said that water is liquid gold, hence it is necessary to store it for future use.  We have adopted a rooftop and non-roof rainwater harvesting system, in which the water is collected where it falls, where roofs & wells become the catchment area, further channelizing to the required place in the building where it becomes necessary to install a proper filtration unit before connecting to the storage tank.

To reduce water consumption and maintaining the quality of water, it is necessary to focus on collecting water, use water, purification of water and the best way to achieve water efficiency is through rainwater harvesting. Green building is one of the best strategies for meeting the challenges of climate change because of the planning and tools, that make a substantial reduction in natural resources usage.

We, the team GARDENBAY, are emphasizing not just building structures but building a better society.