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Green Housing to be the future of Real Estate in India

Green Housing to be the future of Real Estate in India

The need of the hour demands that every person on Earth make their way to a greener tomorrow. This means that all of us have to make certain difficult but highly impactful choices and one such choice is Green Housing of real estate in India. With rapid urbanisation, housing options are many as the real estate sector of India flourishes. However, the real struggle is to make the houses green as well. Here is how green housing will be the future of real estate in India:

What do we mean by Green Housing?

When talking about commercial or residential property in India, one has to talk about all the ways in which real estate can become greener. By greener, we mean that one has to handle wastage more seriously, monitor the usage of energy and water, and make sure there is overall hygiene maintained when dealing with water waste and other similar efforts. Basically, a building that uses less water, conserves natural resources, provides a healthier space for the occupants, improves energy efficiency, and more as compared to a conventional building is green housing. You can actually take care of certain issues while developing projects which will lead on to a greener space.

How to implement Green Features while Development?

Previously, green homes were seen as an optional way of developing real estate properties. However, in the last few years, this is one trend that has become mainstream given its environmental appeal. There are so many things that one can do in the development stage for a greener home. While doing this, the designs of these developers are so creative that these homes don’t feel small at all, in fact the space utilization is better. Another option that lots of builders are opting for is to install solar energy wherever possible as the sun is the cleanest source of energy that you get from nature. This option is difficult to incorporate in older, already existing homes. Rainwater Harvesting is another difficult but highly contributing effort toward the conservation of the natural resources. Apart from these features, one can also rely on using geothermal power & incorporating ways to recycle in the development stage of any project.

Residential vs. Commercial

Various prominent builders and developers have become conscious of their green footprint because of the climate change we all face. India is home to huge commercial spaces, especially in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and other metro cities. So, naturally, it is not enough to just make the residential spaces green. Builders and developers need to focus on the commercial spaces as well when it comes to making them environmental friendly. When going green, developers should focus on becoming water-positive and carbon-neutral. In fact, the demand for greener workspaces is more compared to residential spaces in India. On the positive side, the operating cost of a green office building is actually less when compared to the one that is not a green space. These workspaces are designed according to the climate of the city in which they are developed. While the home setup has various maintenance issues, a greener office space is easier to maintain as well, compared to homes. However, the overall demand for greener workspaces and homes has been increasing in India.

With responsibility and awareness, we can all, as a society, increase the green housing percent in India. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the awareness regarding the climate and what our real estate has to do with it in developers, builders as well as the buyer and the government as well. Together, everyone is coming together for a greener real estate in India, one building at a time.